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    Jamie’s the man! His tips paid for my lads holiday, really can’t complain

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    Made 5 figures in the first 4 months from this, would really reccomend

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    Only joined this group 3 weeks ago, was hesitant at first, but TRUST ME BOYS, this is almost too good to be true

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    My girlfriend actually bought my subscription, best thing shes ever done for me. LOL

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A Little About Me

Let me begin by introducing myself, My names Jamie Jones and through out the last 2 and a half years i have mastered my craft analysing sports betting and making a profit.

9 months into my journey, i was able to pack in my job as a chef and able to take this full time. I'm now in the comfortable position where i can now travel the world while passively making a profit from my phone every day of the week!

I started by helping my friends and family, giving them tips and they had some great success. This made me think, if i can help my friends and family, why don't i help everyone else. Its a frustrating industry, only when you lose. I'm here to help change your losses to wins.

Hand picked Tips

One thing that makes me different to any other proclaimed "tipsters" is that i place every bet that i share in my groups.

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